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Christmas in London 2008

Here’s a treat for you Christmas shoppers a quick look at the shop windows from Oxford Street and Regent Street which will get you in the mood for Christmas shopping. Remember a short break before Christmas may be just  the lift you need and with some shops offering items on special now don’t hesitate book now. If your travelling from abroad and especially Europe the £/ Euro  is another reason for getting in a quick break now.

Here is a quick tour of the best Streets and windows

First off best Street is Carnaby Street with its giant size inflatable snow men.

Next Hamely’s world famous for toys with its wonderful frontage and a great Father Christmas and Cinderella magical castle

Next is Liberty’s with a special Circus theme wonderfully decorated windows each representing a department from the Greatest show on earth absolutely brilliant

Next is the ever reliable and less flamboyant John Lewis always tasteful very professional.

Finally Selfridges with its theme “the more the merrier”

Lets us know what you think.

Theatre’s  in London

Just a little reminder of some of the top shows and some old ones don’t forget this is the time of year for family treats so catch that show and combine it with a trip to the shops

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